Church History

Community Presbyterian Church has enjoyed over 72 years of worship and ministry since our first service was held on October 28, 1951 at The Prospect Theater in downtown Mt. Prospect. The earliest members worked tirelessly against many odds, determined to see the church grow. Music was piped in over the theater's speaker system and a newly acquired but 'ancient' piano required several loud bangs on the keyboard before worship to chase out the mice! The journey to where we are today has been remarkable.  

The Presbytery of Chicago formally organized "The Community Presbyterian Church at Mt. Prospect" with 60 charter members on December 16, 1951, followed by the first church school meeting at Central School, located where the current Mt. Prospect Public Library is, to serve 14 pupils. 

As Mt. Prospect's population of about 4,000 in 1951 rapidly expanded to some 19,500 people over that first decade, the church vigorously met the needs of its growing membership of over 1,000 by 1961. The construction of the church's permanent home was almost complete when the final cornerstone was laid at 407 N. Main Street at the corner of Route 83 and Gregory Street on April 15, 1956. The first worship service in the new sanctuary took place on September 16, 1956.

The growth of both the church and the school was so rapid during those years that a second fund-raising campaign was proposed for 1958 in order to add an expanded education building to the property. A new building committee, under the expert leadership of Mr. Jack Bornhoeft, was formed. July 1961 saw the final painting and trimming of the new education wing to serve 920 pupils tended to by more than 75 teachers.  

A third groundbreaking in 1979 added new and enlarged spaces, a refurbishment of the sanctuary and an Allen digital organ. Community Presbyterian continues to enjoy this beautiful and spacious home today.

The founding members surely did not realize just how many people would become part of the rich history of Community Presbyterian and contribute to the thousands of hours spent in worship, mission work, Christian education, and fellowship. We are so thankful that members from our first decade are still actively participating in the church they helped build.