Parents Day Out

Community Presbyterian Church’s Parents Day Out (PDO) programs are dedicated to providing children with a safe and loving environment. Our goals are to help your child grow socially, creatively, and academically through the use of centers, group and independent play, music and crafts. Teachers provide a stimulating, enjoyable, and caring environment and work with each child and their parents to nurture their growth and development. We offer four-hour classes with our school year programs as well summer camp programs for children ages one through five.

For more information or assistance with the registration process please contact Jessica Munao, PDO Director, at
847-253-2592 or email at .


Discovery Kids 1 & 2 year olds

In Discovery Kids, your child’s day will be filled with activities that will include music, story time, fine motor and large motor play, arts and crafts, circle time, playground fun, and lunch. All activities are fully supervised by our teachers who work within each child’s individual abilities.

Play clothes and gym shoes are suggested. Please send your child with a change of clothes, diapers/training pants and wipes. A snack and a lunch with drinks are to be sent each day. You may choose one or two days per week in this class.

Classes are offered:

Tuesdays – Fridays 9AM-1PM

One day per week $98 per month
Two days per week $190 per month

Schoolhouse Adventures 3 & 4 year olds

Schoolhouse Adventures offers a two-day a week preschool program. Each class day is four hours. This program develops your child academically, socially, and emotionally while encouraging independence, creativity, and social development. These goals are met through circle time, arts and crafts, free play, group activities, stories/music, games, centers and playground fun.

Activities are fully supervised by our teachers who work within each child’s abilities. Children must be potty trained for this class. A snack and a lunch with drinks are to be sent each day.

Classes are offered:

4 year olds-Tuesdays/Thursdays 9AM - 1PM
3 year olds-Wednesdays/Fridays 9AM – 1PM

$190 per month


Download 2019-2020 Handbook


The price of tuition for Schoolhouse Adventures and Discovery Kids PDO is $190 per month for two days per week. The cost for Discovery Kids PDO for one day per week is $98 per month. All tuition checks must be made payable to CPC PDO.  Unfortunately checks that are not made out to CPC PDO may be returned. You may place your check in the tuition box, located outside the classrooms.  If you are mailing in your tuition or having it automatically sent please send them to the attention of Carolyn Bavone.  Your first tuition payment is due September 1st or the first day of class. Tuition will then be due the 1st of each month, including May 1st. If tuition is not received by the 10th of the month a $10.00 late fee may be accessed to your account.  There will be a $20.00 charge for any returned checks. There may also be fees accessed if you are consistently late in picking up your child. If you would like a monthly statement or a year end statement sent home please call 1-847-253-2592 to request either.


For the well being of all the children, we ask that if your child has had any of the following that you please keep he/she home until they are symptom free for 24 hours.

  • RASH

If your child has a contagious illness such as strep throat, chicken pox, etc. please let the teachers know so we can notify the parents of the other children in the class.

If your child experiences fever, diarrhea/vomiting (for any reason) or becomes ill at school you will be called to pick him/her up.  If you will not be able to pick up your child within 15 minutes of being called, you need to make sure one of your emergency contacts will be available to do so.

If your child has a medical condition that may require the immediate administering of any medication please have the medication release form completed by your child’s doctor.  We cannot administer any medication without this form returned.


This will be a year of growing and learning for your child.  We will be encouraging them to respect and share with others.  If issues do arise we will use the following forms of discipline:

  • Redirecting the behavior
  • Offering choices
  • Reminding of expected behavior
  • Time out-Contact parent

The entrance to the church will be locked except during arrival and pick up time. If you need to come early or late, please ring the bell and you will be let in. All parents or caregivers must sign children in and out of the building. Please do not leave children unattended in the church or in your car. This is for the safety of your children.


In the event of inclement weather, we follow the District 57 school closings.  Please watch your local news as to whether or not Dist. 57 is closed.  If District 57 is closed, we will automatically be closed.  You will not be called.  If it is necessary to close for another reason, we will attempt to notify you between 8:00 – 8:15 am.  If this time is not convenient for you please let a staff member know so that a different arrangement can be made.  Unfortunately, there is no tuition reimbursement for any emergency closings.


We do many different activities during the day so please send your child in clothes that may get dirty.  Clothing should be comfortable and casual.  Dress your child for active indoor/outdoor play.  Play clothes and gym shoes are suggested for safe fun play.  Please also dress your child appropriately for the weather when it becomes cooler out. 

Each child is required to keep a complete change of clothes in their backpacks.   You should include a shirt, a pair of pants, socks and underwear for any accident that may occur.  Please label the clothes and put them in a bag. Please be sure to send your child with his/her backpack each day.


Discovery Kids PDO
Every child should bring a regular size backpack.  Please pack inside a lunch, drinks, snack, plenty of diapers and wipes if necessary and a complete change of clothing in case of an accident or illness.  All items should be labeled using a permanent marker with first name and last initial.

Schoolhouse Adventures
Every child should come to school with a regular size backpack each day.  Please send a change of clothes in a bag marked with your child’s name in case of any type of accident.  Please be sure all items are labeled using a permanent marker with first name and last initial.

Snacks/Lunch - Schoolhouse Adventures & Discovery Kids PDO
Your child should come with a snack & drink and lunch & drink every day.  Please place your child’s lunch, snack and drink in your child’s cubby at drop off time.  If you would like to label what your child should have for snack you may.  Some examples of snacks to bring are crackers, pretzels, fruit, vegetables and cheese.  It is best to send a variety of choices for your child to choose from.  Any food that your child does not eat will be sent home.  Please label any containers and cups with your child’s name.  Any food or drink allergies should be brought to the teacher’s attention.  Occasionally, a special treat will be provided throughout the year – if you would prefer that your child not to receive these special treats please be sure to let his/her teacher know at the beginning of the year.


Schoolhouse Adventures
One of the requirements of Schoolhouse Adventures is that your child be fully toilet trained.  Children wearing “pull ups” are not considered to be toilet trained and will not be allowed in the program.  We take the children as a group to the bathroom twice per day.  If your child needs to go to the bathroom in addition to that they must be able to tell one of the teachers.  We will then gladly take them to the bathroom.

Discovery Kids PDO (Toilet Training)
We are happy to help you and your child with toilet training.  If they use the toilet regularly, please use a pull-up or underwear.  Please no one-piece outfits or overalls.  These items deter from the training process.  We will do our best to work with your child and let you know how they are doing each day.


Schoolhouse Adventures
We love celebrating birthdays at school! You may bring a birthday snack to share with the class. If your child’s birthday falls during the summer when school is not in session, we will celebrate his/her half birthday.  Birthday snacks must be store bought with the ingredient label on the package. If you would prefer your child not to have birthday snacks please let the teacher know ahead of time.

Discovery Kids PDO
We love celebrating birthdays!  If you would like to bring in a special treat, please talk to the teachers ahead of time. The treat must be store bought with the ingredient label on it.  Examples of recommended treats are mini cupcakes or muffins, cookies, fruit snacks.  If you do not want your child to participate in birthday celebrations please be sure to let a teacher know.

DROP OFF/PICK UP - Schoolhouse Adventures

Classroom doors will open at 9:00am and we will begin circle time shortly after 9:20am.  When you arrive, please sign your child in, have them hang up their coat and backpack on their hook, place their lunch in their cubby and go to the bathroom if necessary.  Please then say your goodbyes and send them into the classroom.  If your child is having a difficult time saying goodbye we will be happy to assist.  It is usually easiest on your child if it is done quickly. Long drawn out goodbyes are usually harder on them. Most often your child will be happily involved in something by the time you reach your car. 

Unfortunately, children are not allowed to bring toys from home into the classroom.We ask that if your child wants to bring something with them, that you have him/her leave it in their backpack.  If they would like to share something with the class they will have a chance to do so on our show and tell days.

Pick up will begin at 1:00.  Please sign your child out and at 1:00 and we will dismiss the children individually according to the sign out sheet.  We realize on some days this takes a few extra minutes but we ask that you be patient. Pick up is done this way for the safety of your children.  If someone who is not listed on your pick up sheet will be picking up your child, please let a teacher know ahead of time.  Please complete the attached form with names of the people who are allowed to pick up your child.  Please let them know that if we do not recognize them, we will ask to see identification.  If you are going to be late in picking up your child please call and let us know at 1-847-253-2592.  If you would like to pick your child up early, also please let us know.

DROP OFF/PICK UP - Discovery Kids PDO

Classroom doors will open at 9:00 am.  Parents should drop off their child at the gate and sign them in.  A teacher will be there to walk them into the classroom.   Our pick up time is at 1:00 pm; a teacher will bring your child to you at the gate where the sign-out sheet will be available for you.  Parents are not allowed in the hallway or classrooms for the safety of the children during drop off and pick up.  If you are going to be late to pick-up your child, please notify the office immediately at 1-847-253-2592.   If you need to pick up your child early or if someone who is not on your pick up form will be picking up your child, please notify the teacher.  They will need to show an ID if we do not recognize them.


Discovery PDO and Schoolhouse Adventures holds two fundraisers during each school year.  We hold one in the fall and one in the spring. We rely on the success of both of these fundraisers to continually improve our programs.  We greatly appreciate and count on the participation of each family.


During the year, we will be taking photos of the children.  The pictures will be used for various art projects, room decorations, etc.  If you would not like your child to be photographed, please let us know.  
In the fall we will have a professional photographer come in to take class pictures.   We will send home the information in the fall.  You are not obligated to order any pictures.


Throughout the year, we will be offering the opportunity to order Scholastic Books.  This is a great way for us to earn free books and classroom materials as well as an opportunity for your children to receive great books.  There is no obligation to order.

HOMEWORK – Schoolhouse Adventures

We will be sending home a worksheet each day for your child to complete. This is optional. We have a homework wall with a sticker chart for each child.  Your child will receive a sticker on their chart for any homework returned. If your child completes 5 homework sheets, they earn a trip to our treasure box. You may encourage your child to return their homework so they may go to the treasure box along with their friends.

SAFETY - Discovery Kids PDO

Please keep in mind that this will be a year filled with learning how to interact with their new friends. They will be working on sharing, taking turns, and communicating with each other.  It is best to please be sure to keep your child’s fingernails trimmed to help prevent them from scratching themselves and/ or others during this learning process.